About TH Aero Tech

TH Aero Tech was founded in 1971, then known as Tien Hsin Chemical Co., Ltd. The company has been a leader in making latex balloons, not just in our home base of Taiwan, but among the top players in the world. In 1990s, the company adventured in making giant inflatable displays and customized builds, and expanded the business to internationally known parades, festivals, sports events, even art installations. Through our clients’ demands and inspirations, our sky-lanterns equipped with LED light and helium-filled inner airbags have been our novelty items. Starting in 2010, the idea of making remote-controlled airships (blimp) came align with our long-established knowledge and the unlimited possibilities in the future. We realized that we are well-ahead in making aero technology.

Our main product lines:

  1. Outdoor Use Remote-controlled Airships The Leading Brand in Latex Balloon
  2. Giant PVC Inflatable Displays and Customized figures (flying / grounded)
  3. Durable Nylon Inflatable Displays and Customized figures (grounded)
  4. Indoor Use Remote-controlled Airships
  5. Outdoor Use Remote-controlled Airships

The Leading Brand in Latex Balloon

In the world of latex balloon, TH Balloons has been capable for producing one of the most in quantity and the best in quality with all different sizes and shapes in the world. We have also invented and developed our machines for manufacturing latex balloons. We also created our own automatic balloon printing machines.

Giant PVC Inflatable Displays and Customized builds (flying / grounded)

The common shapes of the giant PVC inflatable display include round balloon shapes, hot air balloon shape, and blimp shape with tethered rigid fins. Our knowledgeable team have many years of experience taking on customizations and novelty shapes in different occasions such as in parades, fairgrounds, sports events, and all kinds of marketing events.

Durable Nylon Inflatable Displays and Customized builds (grounded)

When it comes to grounded inflatable displays, we use nylon to provide better structure and durable outer layer. Inflatable nylon arches have been our prided items, and we have installed them in many sports and school events. We have the most experienced consultants to provide advices to fit your specific needs on location and functions.

Indoor Use Remote-controlled Airships

Our indoor remote-controlled airships are made with TPU and PVC fabrics, and perfect promotional displays for indoor sports events, trade shows, auditoriums, and any indoor events. Each one of them is built individually, and finely tuned and tested. The client should be able to fly when received. It is easy to fly with no experience required. Please take into consideration that the maximum speed for our indoor airship is 30 kph. It could carry some light devices on demands. Please contact us with your queries.

Outdoor Use Remote-controlled Airships

Due to different purposes and functions, we build outdoor remote-controlled airships with storing envelops, control systems upon clients’ needs. Our airships have created wonders in sports events, concerts, marketing events, tech demos. We are updating and developing better controlling system in different styles of wireless signals and controlling devices constantly. The speed for our outdoor airship could go from 20 to 38 kph depending on the wind and the heading direction. It could carry light devices such as cameras, speakers, surveillance equipment, a/v equipment, and special effects machines. Please contact us with your queries.

5 meter tall Japanese Torii
10.2 meter long La New Shoe Nylon Display
15 meter tall Lighting Little Farmer Nylon Display
THUAB-1260, 12.6 meter long Ai Airship